Vinyl Flooring in Denver

A trending floor material that provides a low-cost option for a stylish space.

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What are the Benefits of Installing Vinyl Floors?

Due to its cost-effectiveness and easy production, vinyl is an increasingly popular flooring material in Denver and other major cities around the US. Because there are limitless options in terms of design for vinyl flooring, you can generally always find a solution to match your aesthetic needs. Vinyl can be found in a variety of appearances, from stone to different tile materials, vinyl can give the impression of anything, even hardwood flooring. The cost of vinyl is significantly less than hardwood flooring or tile, making it a viable option for those on a budget. 

Versatility and Design Styles

Mimicking the look and feel of hardwood flooring, vinyl can be installed in a plank-style configuration. Because the material is much less expensive to procure or manufacture, it is a budget-friendly option for homeowners and commercial business buildings. In the same way laminate is available in a movable, interlocking system, vinyl can be installed as a temporary solution, or just a less permanent option.

Create the Look You Desire

Vinyl has so many different styles to choose from, and we can help you find the perfect match for your home"s design. Choose from luxurious designs and create the feel of high-end materials like marble or hardwood in your space without the added costs. Use sheets of vinyl to create flooring which looks and feels like wood, stone, or slate. Play with different options for materials and combine different vinyl tiles to mix and match for a more unique look. 

Make Cleaning a Breeze

As an option for flooring which is very easy to clean, vinyl can be kept shining and clean with minimal effort. Cleaning with a broom and mop is all you will need to keep your floors looking their best. Water resistant coatings on vinyl make it a fast cleanup for spills and accidental messes, and reduce the need for any additional solvents or harmful chemicals in your home.

Additional Benefits of Vinyl Flooring:

  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly option for floor coverage
  • Easy installation process and optional configurations to match tile or wood layouts
  • Effective in resisting stains and spills - moisture and water resistant material
  • Ideal for bathrooms or kitchens with varying temperatures and moisture levels
  • Can provide a temporary solution and be installed on top of other flooring materials
  • Durable in high traffic areas like hallways or entryways
  • Scratch and dent resistant
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