Exterior Patio Shades in Denver

Add durable window coverings to enhance the look of your outdoor space.

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What are Some of the Benefits of Exterior Patio Shades?

As the perfect addition to a front porch or back patio, exterior patio shades can help make your outdoor experience more comfortable and stylish. Not only can patio shades keep the sun out of your eyes, but they can also offer some relief from heat on a warm summer day. We offer many different products, including exterior solar shades which much like interior solar shades, will also block and reflect the glare to make the space more relaxing.

You can be confident our exterior patio shades will be installed on a track system with guided cables, ensuring the stability of the shades as they remain outdoors enduring the weather. Many homes in Denver have the much desired, large picture window in the front of the home, offering a beautiful view and lots of natural light, but also let in a lot of heat in the summertime and in warmer weather. While some homeowners opt to install interior shades to use for insulation in the winter, others would install a large shade on the exterior of the home to be used in hottest months for energy conservation. This eliminates the potential disruption of your room"s design and a viable option for helping reduce the amount of heat entering the space. 

Where Else Can I Use Exterior Shades?

Aside from the patio, the front porch, which is a popular area for exterior shades in Denver, can be made into a comfortable private space outdoors. While allowing fresh air to pass through the space, exterior shades can enclose your porch and add on what feels like an additional room to your home. Add some comfortable patio furniture, lights, and decorations to make the porch a perfect spot to spend summer afternoons or evenings. Shades will offer the perfect amount of privacy while still making the space feel open.

As with porches, balconies or decks would be a perfect place to install exterior shades. Enclosing any area with exterior shades gives it the feeling of being inside while benefitting from the fresh air and natural light. In the backyard, if you have installed  pergola or gazebo, you can protect the area and reduce the amount of direct sunlight which enters the space with exterior shades. This can also help reduce the amount of wind which flows through the area and make it more comfortable for entertaining. 

More Benefits of Woven Wood Shades:

  • Options for installation including full motorization of shades for operation and remove unwanted cords for child safety purposes
  • A wide variety of material options including extremely durable fabrics and styles for outdoor use
  • Solar shade blocks harmful rays and helps buffer the light and glare from the sun
  • Shade on exterior of the home can help regulate your home"s temperature and heat from direct sunlight
  • Many variations in size, color, and textiles - with custom options available
  • Create a sense of privacy in an outdoor space

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