Hardwood Floors in Denver

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What are the Main Benefits of Hardwood Floors?

As one of the most popular choices for flooring in Denver, hardwood floors are a timeless and durable choice and are found in the majority of homes throughout Colorado as a practical and valuable addition. Hardwood floors are always a great choice to incorporate into a home, as they stand up to the test of time, and will always be a popular choice in terms of design. With so many options in varying colors, wood styles, grains, species, and installation design, the possibilities are endless. With so many choices, wood floors offer a style and finish to match any room"s design aesthetic. Browse through our design galleries to gain inspiration and ideas for the types of hardwood flooring that will work for your space.

Hardwood floors are easy to clean, durable, and will last for years. During the installation process, there are ways to manipulate the placement of wood to make a small room appear larger or a larger space appear more cozy and comfortable. With varying widths of planks, wider boards can make the room appear more spacious and elongate the area. Continuous patterns of hardwood through the whole room will also keep the room from being segmented, adding to that feeling of open space. In contrast, breaking up the continuous hardwood with rugs or carpeted areas can help make the space feel more comfortable and transitional through the room. 

Added Benefits for Reducing Allergens

Hardwood floors are a good option for flooring materials in terms of maintaining a healthy environment. Instead of trapping dirt and allergens as carpet does within the fibers, it helps to keep the air free from pollen and other allergy-inducing particles. 

Low Maintenance

When compares to rugs or carpets, hardwood actually requires less effort in overall maintenance. There is no need for shampooing tools or cleaning solvents as with carpet, and can be easily maintained by regular vacuuming and mopping. While carpet cannot be scratched or scuffed, it does stain much easier than wood and its fibers get loose and fall out, making for loose loops or empty patches over time. Most hardwood can be repaired with a simple refinishing and sealed up to be as good as new. Sometimes, even major holes or scratches can be patched and repaired to hide the problem altogether.

Additional Hardwood Flooring Benefits:

  • Perfect for managing allergies - does not trap dust or accumulate allergens
  • Easy to clean and maintain without using harmful cleaning solvents or chemicals
  • Durable material does not damage as easily as vinyl or laminate
  • Adds value to your home for resale
  • Wide varieties and species - reclaimed, rustic, wide plank, traditional, and more
  • Refinishing helps with stain resistance and prolonged protection

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