Pleated Shades in Denver

A classic look for a simple, delicate touch.

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What Are Pleated Shades?

In contrast to cellular shades, pleated shades do not offer the multi-layer insulation or heat blocking properties, but offer great benefits in terms of style and simplicity. There are many options to choose from for the material type, color and opacity of pleated shades. Generally, pleated shades are best used in Denver homes or businesses which require a certain amount of light to enter and add a feeling of lightness due to their delicate appearance. While the fabric used to make pleated shades can be of varying degrees of density, to add the needed level of blockage of light and sun rays into your space. 

What Material Should You Choose?

Pleated shades can be found in a variety of different materials, some of which may work better than others in your home, office, or building. Consider the degree of light you would like to consistently have in the room. Another important consideration is the angle and position of your window toward the sun. If you have east or west facing window, you may need a thicker or more substantial shade to ensure you are able to reduce the heat or glare coming in through the window. If your window is shaded by a large tree or an awning, for example, you may only need a light, sheer pleated shade to meet your needs. Your surroundings play a vital role in determining the type of shade that will work best for you.

Consider addition the automatic function of motorization to your pleated shades to not only make using them a breeze, but eliminate unwanted cords which can become a risk factor for small children.

Benefits of Pleated Shades:

  • Pleats are available in different widths to match the décor or style of the room
  • Material can be matched to coordinate with existing upholstery, drapes, or a valance
  • Fabric of shade can range from a wider variety of textures and designs, from high-end to simplistic and modern
  • Depending on the weight of fabric, pleated shades can be drawn with ease and gather neatly with little window space taken up by the stack
  • As with other types of shades like roller shades or solar shades, pleated shades can be motorized to be drawn or lowered with the simple push of a button
  • Lightweight fabrics work perfectly for doors as they provide a light level of coverage and privacy without inhibiting movement of the door open and closed
  • Depending on choice, fabric is consistent on either side, displaying the same aesthetic on the outside as the inside
  • Pleated shades can offer some cover from the sun and provide some blockage of  heat or insulate from the cold

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