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Why You Should Consider Using Aluminum Blinds at Home

Why You Should Consider Using Aluminum Blinds at Home
When it comes to choosing the right type of blinds for your home, you have tons of options, and when you’re faced with so many choices, figuring out which one is best for your home can feel confusing at best. Aluminum blinds may not have a reputation for being high-end, but they can be a great choice for many homeowners looking for a functional yet beautiful window treatment. Here’s why you should consider aluminum blinds for your home.

They’re Durable
One of the biggest benefits that aluminum blinds offer homeowners is incredible durability. The blinds themselves are sturdy and won’t warp under high temperatures. This helps make the blinds easier to open and close for years to come. 

Even better, they won’t change shape when exposed to high humidity and moisture. You can install them in any room, even your kitchen or bathrooms, without worrying about the vanes losing their shape or rusting over time.

They Come in Many Sizes and Colors
Miniblinds with narrow vanes may have been the standard in the 1990s, but aluminum blinds have come a long way over the years. Modern versions are available in many different colors and vane sizes, so you won’t be left feeling like you’re installing an outdated window treatment in your home. 

Aluminum blinds with wider vanes will provide you with the durability of those old-school miniblinds with the look of more modern and upscale window treatments. Rather than sticking to boring white blinds, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and shades, so you’ll have window treatments that work with your home’s décor in every room.

They’re Incredibly Affordable
Window treatments can be expensive, and installing higher-end materials throughout your home can end up costing you thousands of dollars. This makes updating window treatments out of reach for many homeowners. Unlike other materials, aluminum blinds are some of the most affordable choices on the market. 

The exact price you’ll pay will depend on the style and color of the blinds and the number of windows you’re covering. However, you can expect to spend less when choosing aluminum over other materials. 

They’re Easy to Clean
Since aluminum blinds won’t warp when exposed to moisture, they’re incredibly easy to clean. Use a duster or dry microfiber cloth to pick up light surface dust each week and deep clean your blinds with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Once the blinds dry, they’ll look like new, and you won’t have to worry about reshaping the vanes just so your blinds open and close correctly.

Aluminum Blinds Can Be a Great Choice
If you’re looking for a simple way to update your home’s window treatments without breaking the bank, aluminum blinds may be a great option. They’re incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and will last for years, even in high-traffic areas. At Design Craft, our team is here to help you find the best blinds for your home and your unique sense of style. Contact us today to discuss your needs or to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our design experts!

The Top Benefits of Using Vinyl Flooring in Your Kitchen

The Top Benefits of Using Vinyl Flooring in Your Kitchen
Thinking of upgrading the floors in your kitchen? With so many options to choose from, finding the best material for your home and your budget can easily feel overwhelming. Though natural stone, tile, and hardwood are fantastic and beautiful choices, they can be expensive and require ongoing maintenance if you want them to look as good as new for years to come. Luckily, there’s a cheaper, easier option that’s perfect for kitchens and high-traffic areas alike: vinyl. Here are a few of the top benefits of vinyl flooring that you’ll be able to take advantage of once it's installed.

It's Easy to Clean
One of the biggest benefits of vinyl plank flooring is that it’s incredibly easy to clean. You’re able to use your preferred flooring cleaner without having to worry about it stripping the protective sealant or changing the color of the materials as you would with hardwood or stone. Even better, you’ll be able to wipe up spills that would otherwise stain the floor—wine, coffee, and even fruit punch will wipe right up when cleaned quickly. 

It’s Durable
If you’ve ever lived with hardwood, stone, or ceramic tiles in your home, you know that the floors are relatively easy to damage. If you drop a heavy item on the floor, it’s likely to dent or scratch hardwood and, if it’s heavy enough, crack or break stone or ceramic tiles. With vinyl plank flooring, you’ll be able to worry less about damage. The material can withstand drops without getting dented or cracked. Keep in mind that it’s not impossible to damage. You’ll still want to avoid dropping heavy items whenever possible.

It Looks Like Other Materials
Vinyl flooring has come a long way since the days of the thin peel-and-stick rolls of flooring that poorly mimicked the look of various flooring tiles. Now, you’re able to find flooring that looks and feels like hardwood and even some types of stone. This means you’re able to achieve a more elevated look without having to deal with the high levels of maintenance or the high cost of other materials. 

It Won’t Be Damaged By Moisture
Hardwood flooring may look beautiful, but it’s easily damaged by water and excess moisture. This might not be a huge issue in your living room or bedroom, but it can be a dealbreaker in your kitchen. If your dishwasher backs up and floods the kitchen or your kids splash water everywhere anytime they’re at the sink, hardwood can easily warp, leaving your floors uneven and ugly. Vinyl plank flooring won’t absorb extra moisture. This means the planks will stay flat and smooth without issue.

Upgrade Your Floors with High-Quality Vinyl Plank 
Installing new flooring in your kitchen is a great way to refresh the space and make it more useable. If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, and beautiful material to replace your old, worn-out tile or hardwood, consider upgrading your floors with vinyl plank. The material will last for years and will refresh the way your kitchen looks and feels. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate.

Why You Should Add Shutters to Your Denver Home’s Windows

Why You Should Add Shutters to Your Denver Home’s Windows
When it comes to home upgrades, few match the impact and value provided by upgrading your home’s windows. While installing new windows is always an option, it’s not the only thing you can do to improve your home’s comfort and efficiency. In fact, installing shutters can dramatically change the way your home looks and feels. If you’ve been looking for a new window treatment, it’s well worth considering installing shutters rather than conventional blinds. Here’s why.

Shutters Boost Privacy
Whether you live in a busy neighborhood with lots of foot traffic or a suburban home nestled in the foothills, creating a sense of privacy in your home is essential. While blinds and light curtains can help, they won’t always be enough to block the activity going on inside your home from view. Installing shutters can enhance privacy indoors by fully obscuring and blocking the inside of your home from view. That means your neighbors won’t be able to tell that you’re watching your favorite rom-com for the 50th time at night!

They’re Easy to Clean
If you’ve ever tried to clean blinds, you know that picking up the dust, dirt, pollen, and pet hair from the material is incredibly time-consuming. Worse, if you or your loved ones suffer from allergies or upper respiratory conditions, some of the debris will stay behind. With shutters, you’ll be able to completely remove the dust and debris every time you clean. All you’ll need is a microfiber cloth and a little determination. 

Modern Versions Are Safer Than Blinds
Even the highest quality blinds can represent a safety hazard for pets and small children. If the pull cord is long enough, children and pets can get tangled in them. When this happens, your child or pet may cause damage to the blinds at best and get injured at worst. Since shutters don’t have pull cords that dangle close to the ground, kids and pets can’t get tangled in them. This helps keep your loved ones safer and reduces the risk of having to replace your window treatments sooner than you should.

They Can Improve Energy Efficiency
All window coverings add insulation to your windows. The more insulation you have, the less the temperatures outside your home can influence the temperatures indoors. When they’re closed, shutters offer superior insulation, helping keep your home comfortable year-round by insulating your space from the weather outside. This helps your heating and cooling system run less frequently, saving you on your energy bills during hot summer afternoons and those cold winter days. 

Ready to Update the Look of Your Windows?
Installing shutters on your windows is a great way to make your space stand out and create an elegant feel that blinds simply can’t offer. With tons of styles and materials to choose from, you’ll find the perfect choice for your home and your budget. If you’re ready to breathe new life into your home by upgrading your window treatments, don’t wait. Contact the team at Design Craft Blinds and Floors to discuss your home’s needs today.  

The Different Types of Carpet Explained

The Different Types of Carpet Explained
Hardwood floors may be all the rage, but for many homeowners, they’re not the ideal option. They’re hard, cold, and can be difficult to maintain. Carpet offers an affordable, cozier flooring option for homeowners that don’t want to shock their feet on hard floors during the winter months. There are many different types of carpet available, but they can be broken down into three main categories: low-pile, medium-pile, and high-pile carpet. Both are great choices, but you’ll want to familiarize yourself with these carpet types before you can make the right decision for your home. Here’s what you need to know.

Low-Pile Carpet
Low-pile carpet has fibers that are short and dense that are typically a quarter inch in height. Most low-pile carpets are flat and provide a minimal amount of cushion between your feet and the carpet padding underneath. Because the fibers are short and dense, they’re easier to clean with your vacuum and are less likely to show wear and tear in high-traffic areas.

Medium-Pile Carpet
 Medium-pile carpets have fibers that stick up less than half an inch from the ground. The fibers are slightly less dense than low-pile carpets, making it feel a bit more luxurious under your feet. Like low-pile carpets, medium-pile carpet is relatively easy to clean. However, dirt, dust, and grime can become embedded in the fibers, so you’ll want to schedule professional carpet cleaning appointments at least once a year to keep your carpet looking fresh.

High-Pile Carpet
High-pile carpet is the most luxurious option and has fibers that are typically between half an inch to three-quarters of an inch in height. The added loft makes these carpets especially plush underfoot and can help dampen ambient noise throughout the room. Since the fibers are taller, these carpets can be more difficult to clean. You’ll want to schedule professional cleaning appointments at least twice a year to ensure that allergens, dust, pet fur, and dirt are adequately removed. 

Which Is Right for You?
All three options are great choices for your home, but to make sure you’re picking the right carpet, you’ll want to think about how you use the space. In high-traffic areas like hallways, living rooms, and even game rooms, low-pile carpets may be a great choice. In bedrooms or areas where you and your family want an added touch of luxury, medium or high-pile carpet will likely be a better fit. 

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose the type of carpet that works for your needs, your willingness to clean, and the type of comfort level you want to add to your home. Medium and high-pile carpets will feel more luxurious while low-pile carpets are more practical and easier to maintain.

Upgrade Your Flooring Today
The right type of carpet can make all the difference in the look and feel of your home. If you’re not sure what type of carpet is best for your space, don’t panic. Contact Design Craft Blinds and Floors to discuss your needs or stop by our showroom to view our carpet samples in person.

Things to Help Prep Your Denver Home’s Flooring for the Winter Time

December 3, 2019

Things to Help Prep Your Denver Home’s Flooring for the Winter Time
Winter comes with plenty of challenges for Denver homeowners. First, there’s endless amounts of snow, creating plenty of shoveling opportunities and things to take care of. It can be difficult to squeeze all of the maintenance that comes with owning a home into a single week or month, but homeowners are required to take on these tasks regardless. When it comes to the winter time, this can also mean figuring out what is needed for your Denver home’s floors, as it can be an important part of your home’s maintenance that can be overlooked. Here are the things you should do to help prep your Denver home’s floors for the winter time.

Pull Out the Rugs

In terms of the winter time, one of the most common things that will happen is the accumulation of snow, dirt, and water on the surfaces of your floors. If your Denver home has hardwood floors in the front room, this can lead to significant damage, whether it be in terms of floorboards warping or scratches occurring from excessive amounts of dirt and debris collecting on your floor’s surfaces. 

One way to tackle this problem and get proactive to the matter is to lay down all of your least favorite, but hopefully still presentable, floor mats and rugs near entrances. This will allow people to still utilize your front doors without having to worry about tracking in too much snow or debris. Many stores will sell cheap floor mats suited for this specific purpose. Try to find one’s which match your existing interior decoration scheme, so they don’t clash too much with what is already laid out.

Be Mindful of the Salt

One of the things that can happen during the course of a Denver winter is that you will likely lay down salt on your sidewalks to prevent ice from building up. While this is certainly recommended to prevent slips and falls around your property, it can also present a problem in terms of salt getting tracked in. Much like water, salt can damage your floors and leave an ugly stain if you aren’t mindful. Whenever possible, be sure to clean your floors of any possible salt that makes its way in, so as to avoid creating any damage.

If you are in the market for hardwood flooring or blinds and want to discuss the options that are right for your home or office, contact Design Craft Blinds and Floors today! We love working directly with our customers to help them decide the option that fits best for their unique situation. Our trained associates are happy to work with you to determine the right choice for your project and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer care experience on the market. We are passionate about finding the solution that meets your stylistic needs as well as your budgetary requirements, and we are confident we can comfortably provide both options in one package.