Woven Wood Shades in Denver

Compliment a natural or rustic interior with a natural-looking window covering.

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What are Woven Wood Shades?

With a very neutral and natural aesthetic, woven wood shades offer a unique style with a luxurious feel. Made from varying types of flexible woods and natural materials like reeds, grass blades, bamboo, jute, and others, woven wood shades are often also called “natural shades" due to their material composition. They are often quite extraordinary as many are hand-woven and manufactured.

One of the unique features of woven wood as opposed to solid wood used in shutters is the flexibility it allows for the material. By providing such movement, natural shades can be installed with many different functions in Denver, including the ability for it to hang straight down or have folds like with pleated or Roman shades. You can also include things to make them more custom, like including a blackout material or incorporating a motorization system to eliminate extra hanging cords and create a safer environment for children.

Style Statement

Woven wood shades often add a casual and relaxed feeling to the atmosphere of the space and can also make a strong statement. You can use woven wood shades to make a more formal space feel more relaxed or add a natural touch to a space which feels more structured. Mixing different types of aesthetics can make a room feel more comfortable like mixing feminine flair with rustic pieces can balance the space and appeal to a variety of styles.

Affordable Multi-Functionality

Adding the top down installation style to your bathroom can offer a durable material to withstand the moisture and temperature shifts that space requires, but also allows for some natural sunlight to enter through the window while still maintaining total privacy. For many spaces which already incorporate many different patterns or fabrics, woven wood shades can be a great alternative to adding more fabric into the space. A great benefit in using natural shades is also their cost-effectiveness. Woven wood shades are one of the most economical choices available. 

More Benefits of Woven Wood Shades:

  • Earthy materials offer a natural appearance and can be incorporated into many different types of designs or aesthetics
  • Made of desirable, sustainable materials like bamboo or jute
  • Woven design allows for more movement and flexibility while using a natural material like wood
  • Configuration options like installing shade to go from the top down, allowing for more privacy while also letting in more natural light
  • Aesthetic of hand-woven materials lends to an organic feeling through the space
  • Options to block or permit light creates any desired level of comfort

With so many possibilities in working with woven wood blinds, you might not know where to start when reviewing your choices. Browse through our inspiration gallery to gain some design ideas and get more familiar with some configurations you might not have seen yet. Ready to take the next step? Schedule your appointment for an in-home consultation. We will visit your space and allow you to see the materials in your own home. Making a confident decision couldn"t be easier if you see exactly how things look with your own belongings and decor. Call our team today to learn more!