Sheer Shades in Denver

Stay discreet while providing UV protection to your home.

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What are the Benefits of Sheer Shades?

An option which combines the appeal of blinds, shades, and drapes is a sheer shade. The design offers the function of blinds, with the ability to tilt them open, the material of high-quality drapery, and appeal of a roller shade with its ability to disappear in a neat roll at the top. This option is a popular choice for many current designers in Denver due to its easily compatible design. It also can be the perfect choice for either a room which requires bright natural light to one which needs additional privacy.

Lighting is extremely important to manage the overall feeling and comfort level of the space, and sheer shades offer a variety of levels of coverage to allow you to filter the light to your specifications. These shades can help regulate temperature with the material used, helping diffuse the heat which enters the space. 

Helps to Protect Your Possessions

As a barrier against the harsh and harmful UV rays from the sun, sheer shades still have the benefit of allowing natural light to enter the space without the negative effects on you, your belongings, and your floors. Over time, the sun breaks down upholstery, rugs, furniture, and wood. It can weather your belongings faster than their normal wear would, and simply installing sheer shades can bring the room together from a design standpoint as well as offer a layer of protection for your floors, furniture, and fabrics. 

Perfect Level of Privacy

While sheer shades can simply add ornamentation to a space, they also can offer the perfect level of privacy. Rather than exposing the bottom or top portion as most shades do, sheer shades can be opened as blinds and offer more direct light dispersed evenly through the space. 


With their versatility and ease in function, sheer shades are a go-to choice for many contemporary designs. Whether you prefer something modern and simple to something classical and ornamented, sheer shades have the variety of styles to suit any aesthetic or existing design.

Additional Benefits of Sheer Shades:

  • Helps block UV rays from entering the space
  • Protects furniture"s longevity by preventing direct exposure to sunlight
  • Installation as roller shade makes for simple operation
  • Easily hides shade in roller
  • Shades have options for sizes of vanes, offering more or less direct sunlight as needed
  • Perfect for a degree of privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the space
  • Operation options to install motorization to the shades to allow for the simplest function and adds child-safety features

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