Wood Blinds in Denver

Give your home or office a natural look with our wood window blinds.

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Why Choose Wood Blinds?

Have you considered incorporating wood blinds into your home? With wood flooring being such a popular material here in Denver, wood blinds can offer the same type of warm and inviting feel while complementing the overall aesthetic. As an alternative to vinyl or faux wood, natural wood blinds offer similar options, with some added benefits.


As an extremely versatile option, wood blinds can not only be stained and finished in the natural hue of your choice, but they can also be painted to match any room while providing much needed resilience and long-lasting quality in material. Finished wood can provide you with a durable and easy to maintain material, much like wood flooring. Generally, cleaning wood blinds is as simple as a swift swipe of a feather duster or an oil spray for shine.

Instant Elegance

Rather than installing curtains or hanging drapery on your windows as your accent, consider adding a statement with your blinds. A darker set can add dimension and a bold accent to the room, while a lighter color can make the room feel more open and bright. In addition to selecting a design and look that suits the look of your home, you might also be able to match your blind to other wood already in your home, like your floors, countertops, or furniture.


Because wood can be extremely lightweight as compared to plastic or metal, wood blinds are ideal for spaces in which you open and close blinds regularly or on a daily basis. Even natural wood blinds are preferable to faux wood due to the difference in weight. Although the material is much lighter, we can even install a motorized lift on the blinds for additional ease and child-friendly configuration.

Energy Efficient

Another factor to consider for your windows – even those that do not open – is energy efficiency. As with many homes in Denver, windows are often not energy efficient, and installing blinds can provide a natural barrier of insulation on your windows. Even if your blinds generally remain open, wood has a naturally insulating property. 

Benefits of Wood Blinds:

  • Cost effective option in comparison to shutters
  • Simple and quick cleaning
  • Promotes energy efficiency by insulating windows
  • Wide variety in styles, colors, and stains
  • Custom options available
  • Range of luxury appearance to practical and rustic
  • Additional options like valances or drapes to enhance the overall design

Consider adding wood blinds into your home today – let us be your design guide and review all the options available to you. With over 20 years in the industry, our consultants at Design Craft Blinds & Floors can help determine the best fit for your home and aesthetic. Get in contact with us now directly or call us to schedule your consultation – begin designing the home of your dreams or get started enhancing your home with our expert consultants.