Vertical Blinds & Sliding Panels in Denver

Cover large spaces with an easy-to-manage vertical blind solution.

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Why Vertical Blinds?

Larger spaces and windows can be troublesome to cover with traditional blinds – or just not very cost-effective. A great solution to finding an affordable and effective window treatments in Denver, especially for sliding doors or large windows, is vertical blinds.  As an alternative to horizontal blinds, these types of window treatments manipulate light and heat just as well. In the same way you can adjust the blinds to expose the outdoors, so you can with vertical blinds. The benefits are endless when considering the options and cost-effectiveness. Select your vertical blinds in different materials, like vinyl, faux wood, or even fabric! Sliding panels offer a great alternative to vertical blinds with a similar function. Use these for your larger-scale windows and doors for full coverage and easy function, at an economical price. Motorize your panels to create a safer space for children and operate with a simple push of a button.

Great for Large Spaces

Although they are most often seen as a window covering for sliding glass doors, the possibilities are much more expansive with vertical blinds. They also can be used on windows which have an odd shape or an unconventional layout in your home. Another unconventional way of incorporating vertical blinds is for oversized windows. When using this type of window covering, you can match the length of drapes, and even span the height from floor to ceiling or the length of a wall.

Easy Maintenance

In terms of ease and care, drapes can be a bit cumbersome. Removing them for cleaning can be difficult, and depending on the material, it may need to be dry cleaned. Homeowners can incorporate fabric into their vertical blinds in many different styles and patterns instead of going with full drapes. Although the cost may be a bit higher for fabric blinds as opposed to vinyl, our consultants can help you determine which materials to use and the most cost effective options for your needs. 

What Other Benefits Come With Vertical Blinds:

  • Closing blinds creates a solid wall to block out the light and also provide a higher degree of privacy
  • Myriad options of materials – wood, vinyl, fabric, faux wood, and more
  • Depending on your choice of material, vertical blinds can be extremely durable – generally using faux wood or vinyl can come with a low cost and a high value for dependability
  • Little cleaning necessary – vertically hanging blinds don"t allow for as much dirt, dust, or debris from settling on each vane
  • Easy to control light entering the space by adjusting the position of the blinds
  • Sliding panels offer an advantage for large windows as an alternative to vertical blinds

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