Aluminum Blinds in Denver

The perfect solution for your industrial or commercial windows.

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Where are Aluminum Blinds Used Most?

Have you heard the term “mini-blinds" before? It references a type of blinds which is smaller and thinner in size and lighter weight than traditional wood or faux wood blinds. The material used to manufacture these blinds is aluminum, and generally is available in sizes between about 1/2" and 2" for customers in the Denver area.

Great Commercial Solution

Aluminum blinds tend to be the less expensive and quick fix for homeowners, but are used most frequently for business owners in their commercial building or offices due to their cost effectiveness and simplistic function. Because they are so lightweight, aluminum blinds do not offer the same degree of energy efficiency that wood, faux wood, or vertical blinds do. They will not block the heat and sun, providing a layer of insulation that the others do. 

As a simple and effective way of installing window coverings, aluminum blinds can match and fit with most styles and decor. Although they are most popular in a commercial environment, aluminum is water resistant and a durable material, making this a perfect solution for a bathroom or kitchen window as an alternative to drapes. 


Another added benefit to aluminum blinds is that they are often made of recycled material, making them a sustainable product and a conscious purchase. They can also be installed with motorization - creating an extra measure of ease for homeowners. Consider placing aluminum blinds with motorization on high positioned windows near the ceiling to be able to open and close them as you need to manipulate light. 

Understand the Continued Benefits of Aluminum Blinds:

  • Extremely cost effective for those on a budget
  • Simple design and standard styles
  • Lightweight design makes them easy to draw and release
  • Water resistant material ensures moisture won"t affect vanes
  • They provide some blockage of light, but not too much to darken your space

Thinking about options for your blinds but don"t know where to start? 

Let our consultants be your design guides. We can go over the options available to you and consider the best fit for your decor or aesthetic. Our in-home consultation service will allow you to see the materials in-person while in your home or office to truly visualize how the blinds will look in your space. Aluminum blinds may not be right for your home, so contact us to find out what we suggest as the best fit for you. With over 20 years of experience in window treatments, Design Craft Flooring and Blinds will assist in the decision making process and make sure you feel confident in your purchase. With discounted prices and dedicated customer service, we deliver an unmatched level of expertise and quality, without the excess costs.