Cellular Shades in Denver

An energy efficient option for both hot and cold climates.

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What Are Cellular Shades?

Most often known as “honeycomb shades" due to their honeycomb-shaped structure, cellular shades offer a major benefit in energy conservation and efficiency in terms of window treatments. As one of the top choices for energy efficiency in Denver, cellular shades have a multi-layer functionality, which creates two barriers for heat and light to pass through before entering the space. Between the two layers, the honeycomb shape helps to trap the heat or cold in its place rather than it passing through into your home or business.

The appearance of cellular shades is a mixture between standard blinds and shades, the continuous pattern almost creating the illusion of blinds while functioning as one single shade. As a popular choice for homeowners and business owners alike, the options which accompany cellular shades are numerous. Select different materials for any size window, especially those with a unique shape, and choose from a great variety of styles and thicknesses to provide the level of sunlight you desire for your space.

Functional Options

Consider cellular shades for their many different options in function as well. We can install motorized shades to provide the maximum level of ease, or cordless to help with the fuss of cords and strings to manage with multiple shades while making your space kid-friendly. Another option in terms of installation is the possibility of installing the shades top-down or bottom-up. This means they may be installed to be lifted from the bottom of the window and allow light to pass through the lower portion only, or installed on the bottom of the window, allowing light to pass through the top portion of the window, but not the bottom. In terms of privacy, this can be a great option for bathroom windows or bedroom windows which require light but also require a higher degree of coverage. 

Some Additional Benefits of Cellular Shades:

  • Manufactured of highly-durable fabric which is protected from spills and marks – and simple to keep clean
  • Ideal for unique shaped windows
  • Most efficient in energy output – blocking heat and insulating from cold
  • Many options for function – eliminate unwanted cords or motorize fully
  • Perfect for spaces with unique requirements for privacy while allowing natural light to enter

As a simple and affordable option for window treatments, cellular shades provide high value at a low cost. Get in touch with our consultants to review your options and even schedule an in-home consultation to see what the materials look like in your home or office. With 20+ years of experience working in window treatments in Denver, Design Craft Blinds & Floors can guide you through the best options and most cost effective choices for you. Find out more about your options for window treatments by browsing our galleries and get inspiration for your home. Browse materials, configurations, and additional options to create the perfect look for your décor and overall aesthetic. Contact us now at 303-683-7200 or contact us online now!