Solar Shades in Denver

Block harmful effects of the sun with our UV-protecting window shades.

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What Are Solar Shades?

Solar shades look similar to roller shades but have sunlight blocking properties and also block UV light. The function of solar shades is similar to sunglasses with a protective UV blocking layer – they still provide the needed transparency for sheer shades, but block harmful rays at the same time. The benefits of solar shades are very similar to roller shades, but come with the added bonus of blocking UV rays in areas which get a high degree of sunlight – for instance, a great room with floor to ceiling windows which your living space faces could greatly benefit from solar shades for added protection in your Denver home.

Solar shades offer a variety of options in terms of materials and light-blocking properties. They range from very sheer shades with UV blocking properties, or they can be made of thicker material and block out more light for a higher degree of privacy.

Typically, solar shades are used in areas which require better control over heat management. As one of the best products for energy efficiency, installing solar shades can greatly impact your energy output by reflecting light and heat off of large windows or doors. 

Use Solar Shades to Protect Your Investments

When sun enters your home, it will have an effect on anything it touches, including furniture fabrics, wood, etc. The sun can fade and alter the colors in your fabrics and furniture, and protecting those investments is simple by installing solar shades. They provide a barrier for your home"s assets and prevent further sun damage over time from destructive UV rays.

Energy Efficient Properties

Reducing your home"s temperature can be managed simply by installing solar shades. During the warmer months, these shades can block out the sun"s heat and reduce your need to cool the space. In addition to blocking out heat, they can also act as insulators in the colder months, conserving much more heat than some alternatives. Regulating the temperature in your home has a great effect on your energy output and will in turn reduce your monthly cost overall. 

Additional Benefits of Solar Shades:

  • Reduces glare from light on screens or reflective surfaces such as mirrors
  • Energy efficient option ideal for large windows or multiple windows in commercial spaces or industrial buildings
  • Sheer properties still allow for transparency and visibility despite UV blocking layer
  • Varied options for materials including high-quality fabrics and textures to match any type of design or aesthetic
  • Option for external shades for reliable and constant blockage of harmful UV rays
  • Same options as roller shades for automatic and motor operated shades for ease in function and child safety benefits

Are you considering solar shades for your home? Allow our consultants to show you your options in person – in your own home! Gain the understanding of the types of materials which would work for your space and allow Design Craft Blinds & Floors to assist in making the best decisions for your home or business. As a cost effective option, solar blinds might have the aesthetic and function you need.