Carpeting in Denver

Add comfort and coziness to your living spaces.

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Why Should You Install Carpet?

Depending on the area of your home, carpet can be the perfect choice to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. As a cost-effective option for flooring, carpet can be incorporated in rooms where comfort is key - bedrooms, dens, bathrooms, or child"s rooms are ideal spaces for full carpeting. Consider breaking up a great room with carpet as well. Adding an area of carpet to the main area of your living room can function as a rug, but add to the longevity of the space, as carpet can be much more durable than rugs. 

Design Styles and Function

With the many options available with carpet floors, your choices are endless. Choose from plush materials and soft padding beneath, or a functional woven fiber for maximum durability in high traffic areas like hallways. Carpet is functionally smart for upper levels of homes, to help prevent sound from carrying. As a great buffer for footsteps, carpet can help quiet upstairs corridors and areas surrounding bedrooms to prevent disruption. 

Carpet Insulation

As a perfect insulator for bedroom floors, carpet can create cozy atmosphere to make getting out of bed a bit easier. Instead of a cold surface like hardwood or tile, carpet makes a bedroom feel warmer during the colder months in Colorado. Carpet provides the needed comfort, but also adds insulation to the room. As hardwood can sometimes develop gaps between boards and allow air to pass through into the space, carpet acts as insulation for the floors and together with the pad beneath, helps keep heat or cold air from entering or escaping. 

Best Areas to Install Carpet

Aside from the more obvious places like bedrooms or upstairs hallways, carpet can be used in many other places and add great benefit. One area which carpet serves well is the basement. Creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere in the basement is difficult without installing carpet. The warmth and insulation carpet offers can transform your basement into a cozy movie room or den simply by adding a thick carpet and incorporating the furniture to match.

Added Benefits of Carpet Flooring:

  • Aids in temperature regulation and insulates rooms from heat or cold
  • Budget-Friendly option for floor coverage compared to hardwood flooring
  • Non-slip properties make it a smart choice for children's areas
  • Simple and quick process for installation
  • Quiets footsteps through hallways and absorbs sound
  • Countless styles to choose from to match any design or aesthetic

Are you looking to match a specific aesthetic or need a custom solution for your space? Design Craft Blinds & Floors has over 20 years working the flooring industry and can help guide you through your options and help you make the perfect choice for your home. Consider an in-home consultation with one of our consultants to better understand the options available to you and see the materials in person. Look through our galleries to be inspired by other designs and find the perfect flooring for your home. Questions? Call us now to learn more and get started on your project!