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Things to Help Prep Your Denver Home’s Flooring for the Winter Time

December 3, 2019

Winter comes with plenty of challenges for Denver homeowners. First, there’s endless amounts of snow, creating plenty of shoveling opportunities and things to take care of. It can be difficult to squeeze all of the maintenance that comes with owning a home into a single week or month, but homeowners are required to take on these tasks regardless. When it comes to the winter time, this can also mean figuring out what is needed for your Denver home’s floors, as it can be an important part of your home’s maintenance that can be overlooked. Here are the things you should do to help prep your Denver home’s floors for the winter time.

Pull Out the Rugs

In terms of the winter time, one of the most common things that will happen is the accumulation of snow, dirt, and water on the surfaces of your floors. If your Denver home has hardwood floors in the front room, this can lead to significant damage, whether it be in terms of floorboards warping or scratches occurring from excessive amounts of dirt and debris collecting on your floor’s surfaces. 

One way to tackle this problem and get proactive to the matter is to lay down all of your least favorite, but hopefully still presentable, floor mats and rugs near entrances. This will allow people to still utilize your front doors without having to worry about tracking in too much snow or debris. Many stores will sell cheap floor mats suited for this specific purpose. Try to find one’s which match your existing interior decoration scheme, so they don’t clash too much with what is already laid out.

Be Mindful of the Salt

One of the things that can happen during the course of a Denver winter is that you will likely lay down salt on your sidewalks to prevent ice from building up. While this is certainly recommended to prevent slips and falls around your property, it can also present a problem in terms of salt getting tracked in. Much like water, salt can damage your floors and leave an ugly stain if you aren’t mindful. Whenever possible, be sure to clean your floors of any possible salt that makes its way in, so as to avoid creating any damage.

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