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Unique Window Treatment Design Trends to Consider in Your Denver Homes

March 27, 2019

When it comes to the latest trends in home design, there are plenty of new style choices and unique things to consider if you are thinking about upgrading your Denver home. It’s not just a matter of picking out a standard style and letting your preferred contractor do the job; often, you need to think long and hard about what type of style statement you would like to make inside of your home. Simply going the standard, boring route can leave you uninspired and yearning for a much more unique interior look in your home. Here are a few unique design trends to consider for your next window treatment project.

Burlap Window Treatment

Are you seeking to transform your house into a more quaint, rustic home with plenty of charm and personality? One option to consider is to use burlap material as a window dressing. If your kitchen has plenty of windows, you may want to consider using burlap as a small window curtain to provide unparalleled rustic charm. This option is also incredibly affordable, as burlap sacks are very accessible and don’t cost very much. However, this unique style choice might not be the best option for every home, especially if your kitchen has a very modern personality to it.

Wood Treatments

When you think of wood treatments, you might begin thinking about the perfect cut of wood to have as a window frame or other dressing component. This is certainly a good option to think about, but this isn’t the type of wood we’re referring to in this instance. A unique option that is sure to stand apart from the standard options is to use found wood as a window dressing. If you find a nice branch that could be used for some design project, consider bringing it into your home as a perfect fixture for your interior design. 

Utilizing a nice piece of wood, whether it be something you find while on a hike in nature or at a store that sells unique pieces of wood, utilizing a piece of unfinished wood can be the best way to add a sense of charm to your home. Shabby chic is a very popular design trend for a reason, and it might be worth considering for your next project.

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