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3 Type of Soft Window Treatments For Your Denver Home

June 20, 2018

If you’re in the market for new window treatments, the first thing that often comes to mind is adding new blinds or shutters. While these are great options and never a bad route to go, it’s important to be aware of other alternatives that can be utilized to help your home look its best. Soft treatments for your windows is one way to add style and character to any room while still retaining the functional aspects of privacy and light control offered by other window treatment methods. Here are a few soft treatment varieties to be aware of when upgrading your Denver home.


A common option in terms of soft window treatments are valances. These are typically used for purely decorative reasons, as they just cover the top portion of a window. Often, they are utilized to cover a blind headrail in order to make a window look less wonky and hide portions that detract from a window’s style. Adding a valance can add color and flair to a room that lacks eye appeal.

Soft Shades

Shades are a fantastic soft window treatment option for your Denver home. By utilizing material that is either made or sewn out of fabric, you can add a personal and warm touch to any room by installing soft shades. If you are in the market for the functional elements that a blind can provide but still desire a particular style choice that a fabric shade can provide, this soft window treatment option can be the perfect selection for your next interior home upgrade project.


A common soft window treatment that has the potential to be both classic and modern all in one fell swoop is the trusted curtain. These soft window treatments utilize a variety of different fabric choices depending on the overall desired mood of the room they are being installed in. A classy more formal space often needs the look and feel of silk or velvet material for the adorning curtains. However, if you’re in need up a more casual style for your room a cotton or crinkly velvet curtain can be just what is needed to give your room a much-needed stylistic makeover. As with any soft window treatment selection, it is important to consider the color of your curtain in relation to the rest of the room in order to keep the mood consistent.

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