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Window Treatments in Denver: How to Choose the Right Shutters

February 28, 2018

There are many different window treatments in Denver, but shutters are one of the most popular choices. Most shutters will instantly make a room feel more elegant and chic, but if you’ve chosen the wrong type of shutters, they may not mesh well with the other design elements in your home. Prevent this problem by following these tips to choose the right shutters:

Cottage vs. Plantation

There are two main types of shutters: cottage and plantation. Cottage shutters closely resemble exterior shutters, with one exception. These shutters are attached to the wall with a hinge so they can open and close over the window. On the other hand, plantation shutters are typically placed within the window frame. These shutters do not open and close in the same manner that cottage shutters do. Instead of moving the entire shutter, you simply adjust the slats to let in light.

Choosing between these two types is one of the first decisions you should make. The final choice is yours, but it may help to know that cottage shutters are popular throughout the east coast, whereas plantation shutters are widely used in homes across the country. Learn about traditional vs. plantation shutters here.

Louver Size

The louvers are the slats that can be adjusted for privacy or to let light inside the home. Louvers are typically found in 2, 3, and 4-inch measurements. Which size is right for your home? To answer this question, first consider the size of the window. Large louvers won’t look right on small windows, so if you’re installing shutters on a small window, stick to the smaller sizes of louvers. If you have a bigger window, any size will work, so you might want to consider what’s outside that window. Is there a beautiful garden right outside the window? Is that an area where your kids frequently play? If so, choose larger louvers so you can get a better view.


Shutters can be made out of wood, faux wood, vinyl, aluminum, and many other materials. Wood is one of the most popular shutter materials, but this is not a good choice for bathrooms since it may begin to warp when exposed to moisture. If you want the look of wood in a room with a lot of moisture, go with faux wood instead.

Wood can be very heavy—in fact, it’s often too heavy to use on large windows. If your windows are exceptionally large, try aluminum or vinyl instead of wood. Aluminum and vinyl shutters are lightweight and will give the room an open and airy feel. Any material that you choose can be stained or painted to complement the rest of your home, so don’t forget to start looking at paint swatches once you’ve chosen the material.

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