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How to Layer Window Coverings in Denver

January 17, 2018

Why stop at just one window treatment when you can have two? One window treatment is enough to block out light and give you more privacy. But sometimes, layering two or more different types of window treatments together creates an elegant, unique look. Here are some of the ways you can layer window coverings in Denver:

Curtains and Valences

One of the most common layered looks involves curtains and valences, which are decorative pieces of drapery hung above the window. Some valences are tailored with clean lines while others have a looser fitting shape. Either way, these window treatments pair perfectly with curtains. You don’t have to choose curtains that match the valence fabric exactly as long as the two fabrics complement each other well. Together, these two window treatments create a luxurious look that will instantly make the entire room look more sophisticated.

Heavy and Sheer Curtains

Many homeowners choose two different fabrics and pair them together on one window. If you want two layers of curtains, make sure that you choose one sheer fabric to use as the bottom layer and one heavier fabric to use as the top layer.

Curtains and Shades/Blinds

If you want something that is a bit more casual, consider layering curtains and shades or blinds together. Pairing fabric shades with curtains creates a softer, more feminine look, while pairing wood blinds with curtains creates a more relaxed, laid-back vibe in the room. To really nail the laid-back look, choose lightweight fabrics that are somewhat sheer for the curtains.

Shutters and Drapes

Shutters are a classic window treatment that work well on their own or when paired with other window coverings. If you have plain shutters and want to add a bit of color or design, consider layering drapes on top of the shutters. Because most shutters are plain white, you can choose a fabric with a funky or busy pattern for the drapes. This doesn’t mean you should avoid using solid colored fabrics—in fact, pairing contrasting colors together can make the room look more edgy and unique.

How can you choose between these different combinations? Start by deciding whether you want something that is casual or formal. If you want something formal, stick to curtains and shades or curtains and valences, while a casual look can be achieved with blinds and curtains. After you’ve made this decision, all you have to do is choose the right fabrics and materials for the job. Be sure to bring in pictures of the room so the design professionals can help you find the perfect window treatment. Learn how to layer window treatments.

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