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Laminate vs. Vinyl Flooring in Denver

October 11, 2017

People often confuse laminate and vinyl flooring, which is understandable since they share many of the same qualities. Despite their many similarities, these two types of materials are very different from one another.

Which is right for your home? Before making this decision, learn more about the differences between laminate and vinyl flooring in Denver:

Laminate consists of pressed wood that is covered in a unique photographic applique layer to give the flooring material the look of real hardwood or natural stone. Vinyl flooring is made out of plastic, but you would never guess this just by looking at it. Just like laminate, vinyl flooring can be made to look exactly like wood or stone flooring. What is laminate flooring?

Moisture Resistance
If you are looking for a new floor for your bathroom, it’s important to learn about how well these flooring materials hold up when exposed to water. A few drops of water or a small spill won’t be enough to damage laminate flooring, however this flooring material will not hold up if the room floods. Vinyl, on the other hand, is incredibly resistant to moisture because it is made out of plastic. Even if vinyl is completely underwater, it will not show signs of damage. For this reason, vinyl is often used in bathrooms instead of laminate.

Both laminate and vinyl flooring are reasonably priced, so you shouldn’t have to worry about either one of these options being out of your budget. Some types of laminate and vinyl are more expensive than the others, but even the priciest options are affordable for more homeowners.

Comfort Level
You will be walking back and forth across this floor everyday, so it’s a good idea to learn about how comfortable each material will be once it’s installed before you make a decision. In general, homeowners typically find that laminate is more comfortable under their feet than vinyl. This is because laminate is thicker and is often installed on top of a layer of foam padding that adds a few extra inches of cushion. Vinyl is usually installed right on top of concrete, which means that it can be fairly cold and hard.

Everyone wants their home to look nice, so appearance matters when it comes to choosing the right flooring material. In the past, vinyl was known as an unattractive flooring material, but that’s no longer the case. These days, manufacturers have perfected the process of creating beautiful vinyl tiles. Both laminate and vinyl look much more expensive than they actually are. These flooring materials can help you achieve the elegant and sophisticated look of natural stone or hardwood for a much lower price.

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