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Energy Efficient Window Treatments in Denver

July 5, 2017

Did you know that your window treatments could affect the energy efficiency of your home? It’s true. Window treatments block heat from coming into your home through the window, so you won’t have to crank down the air conditioner to stay comfortable during the summer. If you’re hoping to improve the energy efficiency of your home, consider adding these window treatments in Denver:


According to the Department of Energy, adding shades to your windows can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Be sure that you have the shades installed as close as possible to the glass with the sides of the shades installed as close as can be to the wall. There are many different types of shades to choose from, but if you want to maximize your energy efficiency, stick to Roman shades that have multiple layers of fiber batting.


Shutters used on the inside or outside of your home can also help you conserve energy. With shutters, you can allow a little bit of natural light into your home while still preventing a great deal of heat from coming inside. Shutters can drastically reduce your energy use on their own, but if you want to make your window treatment even more energy efficient, you could add draperies as well.


Some draperies are much more energy efficient than others, so it’s important to choose your window treatment carefully if your goal is conserving energy. The most energy efficient type of drapery will be made from a closed fabric instead of an open weave material and will be medium-colored. The Department of Energy estimates that by installing medium-colored drapes with white-plastic backings, you can reduce the amount of heat that enters into your home by about 33%. You can also reduce the amount of heat that is lost during the winter by 10% with this type of drapery.
If you choose draperies, be sure that you hang them as close as you can to the windows and let them fall onto the floor or the windowsill. Also, feel free to use Velcro on the sides and bottoms of the drapes to attach them to the walls and create a tighter air space that will increase energy efficiency. Learn more about energy efficient window treatments.


Blinds are not as energy efficient as other window treatments because they allow a fair amount of natural light into your home. However, they will still reduce the amount of heat that transfers into your home through the window. It helps if you choose a white or almost white style that will reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing heat. Blinds are a great choice if you want to reduce your energy use while maintaining control over your lighting and privacy.
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