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How To Choose Optimal Carpeting for Your Denver Home

May 10, 2017

Does your home need a refresh? Carpet is a classic choice that is budget-friendly, versatile, and can also make some rooms feel more cozy. But, choosing the right carpeting for your home here in Denver can be a bit of a challenge since there are so many different options. Before you make a decision, make sure you take these things into consideration:

Foot Traffic

How often will people be walking over your new carpet? If you’re putting it in a room that is frequently used, you will need a more durable type of carpet, such as solid cut pile. However, if you’re putting the carpet in a room that is not used very often, you can basically choose any type of carpeting without worrying about how it will hold up over time.


Do you have pets in your home? A pet’s claws can easily get caught on certain types of carpeting, especially cut and loop styles. If their claws get caught, they could end up hurting themselves, damaging your new carpet, or both. For these reasons, it’s best to choose a flat style of carpeting to ensure your investment lasts as long as it should.


Some homeowners don’t pay much attention to how carpet feels underneath their feet, while others prioritize the softness of a carpet over everything else. If you’re in the latter group, you may want to choose something a bit thicker, such as shag carpeting. Shag carpet is known for its plush softness, so walking across your floors will feel like lush and comforting.

If you don’t like the look of shag carpeting, talk to Design Craft Blinds & Floors about adding a layer of padding underneath the carpet style of your choice. This will make the carpet a bit softer so you can achieve the look and comfort level you desire.


Do you want solid colored flooring or would you prefer something in a pattern? Although carpet is often seen in solid colors, there are patterned options available as well. For example, if you choose modular carpet tiles, you can pick from countless colors, textures and patterns to suit your needs. Prints or patterned carpet may look more like an area rug when installed in a room, which can add character to your home.


No matter how careful you are, just remember the lighter the color of carpet you choose, the higher the maintenance. The warmer the color of the carpet, the less maintanence. In those areas where you plan on gathering wtih friends and family, it would be best to go with a warmer/darker color. This will help conceal spots and signs of wear and tear. Read about carpet selection: 5 things you must know.

Are you ready to find the right type of carpeting for your home? Explore the many different options of carpeting at Design Craft! Design Craft Blinds & Floors is a family-owned business in the greater Denver area. We specialize in various flooring and window treatments, and pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail.

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