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Should You Install Carpet or Hardwood in Your Denver Home?

April 24, 2019

The question of whether you should make the decision to have carpet or hardwood installed in your Denver home can be a puzzling and difficult choice to make. It’s not always a clearcut answer regards to whether one particular style selection would be better than the other, and there are clear advantages to both. Obviously, it’s not just a matter of going with the first option that looks halfway decent, as this decision will stick with you for a long period of time. Making the wrong decision can also play a role in reducing the overall value of your home, as a cheesy or unattractive style choice can reduce the appeal of a particular room. With that in mind, here are the reasons why you should have carpet or hardwood installed in your Denver home.

Why Make the Decision to Go With Carpet

If you are thinking about having carpet installed in your Denver home, there are a few advantages to picking this style choice. For one, you may have a family room where you enjoy hanging out on the carpet with friends and family. A carpet can become a space to lay, whereas something like tile or hardwood is much too hard and firm to use as a surface to sprawl on. 

Carpet is a comfortable and inviting option, one that can become more than just a floor, it can function as a gathering space. More than simply a surface to walk on, carpet can become a vital component to your home, as it can be a place to make memories with family members. Who doesn’t remember gathering on their carpet to open presents during the holidays? The right kind of carpet selection can be the perfect way to christen your home and create an environment where you will want to spend time.

Why Go With Hardwood for Your Home

Hardwood flooring can be a perfect option for your Denver home, especially if you have pets or small children that are likely to stain or damage your carpet. There’s nothing worse than a damaged or unsightly carpet, but a shiny, nice, classic hardwood flooring can make your home look its best and shine to all those who enter your home. Hardwood is the classic choice to make for homeowners.

If you are in the market for hardwood flooring or blinds and want to discuss the options that are right for your home or office, contact Design Craft Blinds and Floors today! We love working directly with our customers to help them decide the option that fits best for their unique situation. Our trained associates are happy to work with you to determine the right choice for your project and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer care experience on the market. We are passionate about finding the solution that meets your stylistic needs as well as your budgetary requirements, and we are confident we can comfortably provide both options in one package.